Our Story

Our story with Labrador retrievers started in 2008 when Mike and a buddy, Ryan, put deposits down on two female pointing yellow lab puppies. The dogs hailed from champion bloodlines Mike really did not know a lot about.

Come summer of 2009, Mike and Ryan’s Labrador puppies arrived and the guys quickly learned the importance of a well-bred hunting dog. Both girls, Macie and Abbie, did an introduction to guns and birds with Dokken’s Oak Ridge Kennel but beyond that, had no other formal training. But man, these girls could hunt! Not only could they flush the birds, both girls were pointing labs as well.

Because the dogs were such well-rounded family and hunting dogs with champion bloodlines, we decided to breed and keep an offspring. We bred Macie through a stud, Trooper, with Cashman Kennels, who were a large part of the initial pointing labrador associations.

From that litter of pups, we kept Roger. He wasn’t quite a natural like his momma but he sure was fierce! Macie, Abbie and Roger have all passed away, but our love for labradors lives on.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

To ensure quality health of our puppies, we only breed when a dam and sire have had eye, hip and elbow certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We breed responsibly to prevent knowingly passing on any health issues to puppies.

Responsible Breeding

We take the health of our dogs and puppies seriously. Both sire and dam of every litter have been cleared of common genetic health conditions. Although labradors are a popular breed for numerous reasons, they are not immune to health issues.

American Kennel Club

Our puppies always come with the necessary paperwork to register with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Likewise, our breeding dogs are always registered with the AKC and we follow all the breed standards when breeding.