Our Labradors

Maddens Labs owns professionally-trained female labs. Instead of owning our own stud dogs, we collaborate with established kennels who compete in American Kennel Club (AKC) hunt and field trials giving their males AKC champion hunting titles.

We partner with Karen at Cashman Kennels to breed our dogs. Cashman Kennels is dedicated to breeding quality labs and have such an extensive amount of experience--we are grateful to partner with them. 



Mabel is a small 55lb pointing lab whelped 8/13/19. She has strong champion bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree. Her sire is an AKC Master Hunter out of Holzinger Kennels. The dam whelped many litters that were trained with extreme success as detection dogs.


Harlow is an offspring of Mabel and Harvey through Cashman Kennels whelped on 6/14/22. Her sire has mostly British bloodlines and is also a smaller lab similar to Mabel. Harlow has completed her professional training but is still learning and growing, and will not be bred quite yet!

Macie (retired)


Macie was our first yellow lab who whelped a litter of two yellow lab puppies in 2013. She was an average female British lab weighing in around 65 lbs and had the traditional British body conformation—blocky head, stocky body and shorter legs. She was a bit older when she had her first litter with Trooper of Cashman Kennels


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

To ensure quality health of our puppies, we only breed when a dam and sire have had eye, hip and elbow certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We breed responsibly to prevent knowingly passing on any health issues to puppies.

Responsible Breeding

We take the health of our dogs and puppies seriously. Both sire and dam of every litter have been cleared of common genetic health conditions. Although labradors are a popular breed for numerous reasons, they are not immune to health issues.

American Kennel Club

Our puppies always come with the necessary paperwork to register with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Likewise, our breeding dogs are always registered with the AKC and we follow all the breed standards when breeding.